Here it is in writing.

Each piece is dated and written from different places within an ongoing continuim of healing.

published, unpublished poetry, prose,

editorial, journal, rants

by Gennifer M. Hirano, asianprincess.



"Pimpin' Ain't Easy" editorial and photography by Gennifer M. Hirano, FREE magazine March 2001, issue no.9

 "Adventure to the Floating World" editorial and photography by Gennifer M. Hirano, ASIANWEEK magazine, July 25, 2002.



"Ask me Why" one woman show, LunaSea theater, San Francisco, CA. May 2000.

Queer: Universe, Refuge, Heaven: an Ode to Club Universe on Townsend Street (also part of the May 2000 "Ask me Why" show)

"Song for Survivors" performed with live jazz band, June 2000.

"Ode to Marijuanika" performed at Claire Light's 30th birthday party, 2002.

"We Sleep in Peace and Heal Each Other" Poets Against Rape, San Francisco Women Against Rape, June 2003.


Rape Constructs Sexuality (1994-present)

Ode to Untitled Film Still #48 (I must be asking for it.) June 2002.

Nacho Belle Loser. February 2004.

"He ceased to be a trick..." March 2004

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