Ode to your nurturing numbness

that nursed me like a mother's nipple

I crawled to you when I was crying out in pain

laying on the floor of my shitty tiny

Mission apartment so completely alone...

Ode to marijuanika

bring me to a peaceful place again.

Let my eyes get lost || (insert blank stare)

into nothing ||

for the next ten seconds and let me forget how hard it is sometimes..

Ode to you my love

bring me reassurance, creativity, ideas, sleep, energy and calm.

Carry me down so gently in your arms

as I float down from some other crazy high.

Make me melt into my bubble bath,

walk with me for miles in the bright sunlight

Drive for days under your spell singing country songs in your ear.

Make my orgasms shake the wall.




Ode to Marijuanika

best if performed in front of a live audience



Ode to marijuanika.

Make this the best meal I've ever tasted

make the sun seem like it sets for only me,

make me lose myself even more in the music,

make me forget about he pain for the next hour or two,

make the time in my dreaded job float by faster,

make the fact that I don't have a job seem okay,

give me the power to go to work.






Ode to marijuanika.

I am so hopelessly addicted to your medications,

when all other drugs failed us

you were there to pick us up.

You are the only thing I would ever dare do as much as I do

Ode to marijuanika for driving my car home

o so many nights perfectly fine.

when the credit card company is calling me again and again,

when my property manager

has something to speak with me about,

when the world fails to make sense again,

when that person I met last week hasn't called me yet,

when I think I don't have the power to keep struggling...(big bong hit)

"don't worry about a thing...because every little thing (is gonna be alright)"

Ode to you my little sticky green tree,

for smoking or eating,

you are a drug I can't "just say no" to,

you are a drug I don't even think of as a drug.

You are so much greater than that.

You are my friend.