kissed me. Kissing him was like eating a heaven sandwich.
I melted into his soft lips and his tongue followed
my tongue's every movement and rhythm. I could
Go on swimming like this for days.

I ran my face along his bare smooth beautiful skin.
I love your skin. It smells amazing too.
Like a baby's butt. Or a 20 year old's stomach.
His body was exactly like that older teen boy
Straight out of an Abercrombie locker room ad.
Maybe he had a lesbian fetish. Or maybe he was
bi. I was just mistaken for a "sir" earlier that day.
We must have looked like 2 fags making out.
But that's hot to me. So maybe it's me with the fetish.

I can't even concentrate today because I keep thinking of
How good his fat dick felt inside of me. It filled me
So completely I didn't really need the usual additional
stimulation. (i.e- stick your finger in my ass, lick
My right nipple at the same time!)
It felt like it had to be unsafe it felt so good.
I didn't even feel the condom.
Only me slowly sliding down on his thick cock
I feel like a born again cocksucker! It was that good
Hallelujah! I'm totally excited about it again! I didn't know that size really mattered. Now I do. Yes lord. Now I do.

It was our sexual connection that made it so great though.
It's not just about the anatomy. Lap dances are great for this purpose
I guess. They can be incredibly sensual. I have never done
Anything like this before. This is the first time I've ever
Had sex with one of my clients. I mean on the job site, that is.
I've dated customers. I met one of my ex boyfriends and a few
lovers in strip clubs. But not in my entire outcall career, have I
Had sex with someone I stripped for. And I never jump on them
Right away. At least 24 hours has to pass! (then, he's no longer
A trick, right?)