My sex life does not fail to keeps getting
newer and more "interesting" as I get older.
My last sex was with this idiot named Nico at a Motel 6.
That was not sex | work. It was my real sex | life!
I wished it were work, so I could have at least
gotten something for the time I spent.
But, I didn't cum and I didn't get paid. The only pleasure
I got out of that whole 2 hours was laughing in his face
and the power of retelling how sorry he was to all my friends.
I had to get myself high just to deal with how awkward
And ridiculous it all was. I blinked at it was over.
There was no sexual connection. I thought we had something
When we flirted with each other at my day job, but that was
just another pot hallucination.
The energy was imagined. That was what made
it a joke. The gaping difference between the anticipation
and the reality was more mind-blowing than the actual sex.
It was quick, and dirty, and all about his satisfaction.
This would be all good if he was at least a paying client-
But he wasn't, so I showed no mercy in telling him that he sucked and
That he was a fucking loser while and after he was getting dressed to
"drive his mom to the airport." (a.k.a go home to his wife and kids).

But, back to more pleasant thoughts
The one hour lap dance was the kicker.
It couldn't have been this good without
Using it as a build up. We were, afterall, complete
Strangers, and I had just walked in the door less
Than an hour ago.
I pride myself at being good at connecting.
I touch their body with my bare skin. Skin to skin.
It felt so great. I was so high. We never kiss or
Penetrate, just tease and go through all the motions
Without the actuality.
I've never studied Tantra, but this is what I imagine
It would be like.


 It's always dangerous for my
libido when I'm stoned. I've broken my rules a couple
times before when I was high at the club.
(twice, I made someone finger fuck me,
Closed my eyes and just pretended I was masturbating. I only
Like it when other fingers are inside me, not my own, and that's why I used those men. Who they were was irrelevant to my orgasm, Their fingers were just tools for the endgame. They were tricks, too. Tricks can give you quick money, or
Quick pleasure. Most of us choose the money, but there are times of exception..)
This is why I made a rule to not smoke pot when going out to calls. My judgment has been known to get fogged by my horniness.

Lucky tricks might feel my tongue suck and lick
On their shoulder or arm. I would only do that if I liked them, and if they looked
Like they were clean and showered. I did that with Chris last night.
And he teased me right back. He ran his warm hard steel tongue piercing back and forth in that sensitive crevice of skin between my thigh and my pussy. There was so much heaven, I can't really even figure out what the best part was.

"oh god. I want to feel that on me." I moaned, thinking of his tongue piercing painting my clit soaking wet.
"you do?" He said slowly," how bad?"
"I've wanted to feel it since I first saw it when I first walked in the room." I said, squirming under his body, I continued to squirm, breathing harder and faster and then threw my head back and started to scream as he dove into me.