The way I see it is that I didn't really turn a trick.
Unless you count turning him into the best lover I've ever had. Some sex workers have trouble distinguishing between real sex and work, but this was definitely real. It was beautiful and sacred. I never kiss my clients. The kiss is where it all begins if you want It to (and most often you never even think of wanting to).

That's why the pretty woman didn't let him kiss her. And just like the pretty woman in the movie, he kissed me and
I was the one who was hooked.
The shoulder/arm job that I do is still on par with the fake sex acts that I am so good at.
"I'm having trouble deciding if this is real or imagined.."
I remember saying. "I'm having a sex work dilemma."
"It feels pretty real to me." he said. But of course it would feel real to him. An ideal situation just landed in his lap.
"I'm still feeling like this is work. I'm still following my
Little rules." I laughed. (Don't touch my pussy, and no kissing)
"I know. " he said, "but, what else would you be doing right now? I mean, you can go if you really want to"

I looked at the clock about every twenty minutes like I usually do while I'm working. I didn't let him know that I was really attracted to him at first. I wasn't sure myself. I looked up at the clock and I saw to my dismay that I had only ten minutes left in my hour.
I was still giving him a real private show. The anticipation was built over the course of the hour, slowly heated to a simmer over a flame and then mutually stoked. I still didn't allow him to touch my pussy. This was a regular show; but what was to follow was definitely not a part of any plan I had made. He made way around my rules by grabbing my ass, spreading me open wide, and skillfully dancing me down onto his lap again and again. It drove me insane.

I was way too comfortable in this beautifully fluffy luxury hotel bed.
The past month I had been non stop traveling, interviewing, studying, and standardized testing with no time for even masturbating let alone sexing all month. I was too tempted. I needed this. In fact, I think I knew that I was going to fuck him the moment I walked through the door. That's why I went straight to the bathroom to change without collecting my money first. Oops. I forgot to ask you for money.
I was too busy hiding the urge to fuck you.
I got a hold of myself and went out to start my show.

"I need to get $200 from you." I said, and he gave over my cash.

  "So, it's been almost an hour." I told him. "What are your plans?"

"What are your plans?" he said.
My plan is to stay right here in this bed and have you pound the shit out of me.

I laughed as the words passed through my brain. Wow. Was I really thinking of having sex with this guy? Was this going to be my $1000 indecent proposal? (I always told myself that I would only have sex with someone for $1000) Not too indecent though, it turned out
"So, Do you have any more money?" I asked. I thought I would ask. I was trying keep it business. But I was getting weaker.
"No." he said. " I mean I could go get more money, but I don't think I want to."
Damn You. I thought. Why not?

But I don't think I wanted him to either.
I was thinking quickly, trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my night.

I don't want to commodify every thing I do. I don't actually charge for sex, so I can't be violating any of my own rules. I can't not get paid for something that I don't actually do for money I mean the whole dilemma stems from the fact that--he pulled my face up towards his and we kissed and kissed for what seemed like days.

The connection is what I live for. The connection is sacred and happens only once in a blue moon be it with someone you meet at a grocery store or with someone you are stripping for. It is actually very rare that I meet someone
That I really want to fuck right away.
Finding this connection is so rare and beautiful that when it does spark a sudden flame I do all I can to keep it flickering. It doesn't seem to matter where and how this person comes to you, how old they are, what race or gender they are

There's only been one other time during my outcall business where I was tempted to break my rules.
The girl and her 2 guy friends. The girl that I danced for was totally hot. It was fun. I made a lot of money off of them. I wanted to fuck her very badly. They were doing coke. I stayed away from it, Because I knew that if I would have done any of it, all my rules and boundaries would be out the door. Eight lines later I'd be fucking her right in front of those guys for free. But I had self control. No drugs. No real sex. I would be breaking every rule I have about gratuitous Lipstick lesbianism, drugs and work, sex and work, etc.
That's not to say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy myself within my boundaries. (What would I say if they called me now?)
It was mostly because those guys were there. But we all know that she would not have called me on her own. Cute girls I meet can't ever seem to make decisions without some guy in the picture.