The "RICEROCKET 1994" wall calendar

"tricked out like a true conceptual masterpiece" (aw yea),

11 x 17, $10


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I like to approach people in costume and ask them if they "wouldn't love to purchase a car calendar of me on top of my car eating rice out of a rice cooker?" and the randomness of the question and the approach usually sells them every time! The Rice Rocket Calendar is meant to be a spin off of the idea of "rice rocket" car culture and the asian car phenomen that I grew up around in my home town of South City / Daly City. That is indeed my little rice rocket 1994 Acura Integra that I am posing on top of! (I am so far removed from big mufflers and sound systems, the only thing I care about is good gas mileage and the fact that the hatchback easily fits my rocking horse in the back). The "action close ups" on the upper left and lower right are meant to be a spin off the porno box cover,or porn star sponsorship phenomen, thus I am quoting "It's the quickest, stickiest thing in the West." Am I referring to the car, the rice cooker, or me? It is unclear in this world and it really loses it's meaning once you put a half naked girl on top of anything. Are "quick and sticky" good qualities in girls? or cars? (Not in any girls or cars I've ever liked.)

I am making fun of myself, porno culture and the idea of Western/Eastern objectification and objectification in car calendars in general. Western culture is NOT the only culture that uses bikini clad girlies to sell things, thus I am using myself to sell the domestic flower clad rice cooker. Asian culture is definitely guilty of this sort of thing selling everything from custom import cars to soy milk. Not that any of this is a bad thing, I'm just pointing out and reveling in the silliness of it all. :)

the famous 2002 RICE ROCKET calendar is now officially OUT OF PRINT!! The Calendars sold so well that I was truly torn between "just changing the date" and continuing to sell the same thing, but with different numbers. I've restructered the presentation of the concept instead without selling out like a dirty retail whore! The "2003 and beyond' edition of the Rice Rocket Calendar is printed as a 1994 calendar in reference to my 1994 Acura Integra. I have changed the quote entirely so that the mockery hopefully becomes clearer to the viewer.