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cool artifacts priced under $100 are accessible for everyone!

Calendars and Flicker cards have become my signature retail artifacts. I sell them to people after my shows, out of a suitcase at PIER 39, at my booth or table local bazaars and various other venues that I feel like peddling my wares. I created these retail pieces because I wanted to share my work with the world and realized that the majority of people I played for could not afford $2500 for a fine art piece. The act of retailing is also an extension of the performance where the asianprincess takes the typical arts and crafts faire and turns it upside down. I am usually also selling polaroids and personal serenades along with these items.

Show your support and see how delightful it is to get an autographed asianprincess artifact of your very own in the mail!

 flicker1  intelligentquoterice  plaque



To purchase one of my retail artifacts SEND PAYMENTS for desired item/s PLUS $5 shipping and handling. (Flicker cards do not require S/H.) VIA PAYPAL to [email protected] Don't forget to indicate what you would like your personal autograph to read!

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xxx, asianprincess.