The 3-D "Welcome to Asianpincess Ranch"

lenticular flicker card, $5.

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 When I decided to invest in 2500 of my now famous 3-D flicker cards (which was the minimum order) I thought,"Wow, $5 x 2500! I'm going to be a rich artist!! Little did I know, when you're running a one woman show and have no one to distribute things but yourself you don't get rich, you pay large credit card bills and boxes of flicker cards sit smiling at you in your studio. (So buy one or two, won't you?) The two images in the card are one of four images used in the "roadside attraction" series which are usually exhibited as large 4 paneled fine art pieces sized 36" x 36" framed. I have shown them in galleries and the image has been my most widely reproduced image to date, appearing in Girlfriends magazine in September and in an Asianweek article I wrote and did photography for this summer on Asians at Burningman.