I lived with my mom, and he was married with four kids or one kid or whatever so there weren't many options for us to do it. This is why our first "date" ended the way it did in a parking lot. I refused to fuck him in the backseat of his car though. That's just something I don't settle for. (because, I have some standards!) I can't have an orgasm in the car! I need to be on my stomach, on a bed. You need to be straddling my ass and grabbing the back of my head and ramming your shit in me without fucking falling out until I cum at least 3 times, dominating me with all that masculinity I despise-
"I'll call you back." He said and hung up.
WHAT??!! I couldn't even believe it. Why was I stooping so low? I was swinging on his dick for reasons I did not know.

It took another couple of days to actually amount to anything. Why was this so difficult? How often does a hot girl call you out of the blue and ask you to fuck her silly? I had already given up, erased Nico's name out of my phone. I was coming down with a cold and Fred had just called to ask me to his house with the usual "great plan" to get stoned and watch a movie. This was one of the only ideas he had. He lived at home with his family too. No loud sex at his house. And sex with Fred, was just sex. It wasn't making love. It wasn't fucking. It was, just sex. I could even manage a few orgasms, but there was no thrill in it. It fulfilled only the aforementioned miminum requirements. I was going through the motions and it was readily available to me whenever I wanted, but I just couldn't bring myself to get into it. He didn't thrill me. That kind of sex is only good for the one night stand and not for a long term situation. He needed serious kissing lessons and he was a silent lover. I hate that. (Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me) Plus he was sooo clingy. He would call and call and bug me about coming over to get stoned and watch a movie or go do something "fun". He had absolutely no idea what something "fun" would be and expected me to just take him along on the things that I did in my life that were indeed real fun. For me. Alone.

I said no to Fred's movie idea for the nth time. Weed, a movie and mediocre sex OR work on my website? I chose my website. My phone rings. Lo and behold it's my so called Afghan porn star pathological liar with 4 kids! A lightbulb comes on. Yes, I was coming down with a cold but I was finally going to have my chance. And who knows, with Nico was such a liar and a flake that this could be my only chance to really find out about him. My "dealership ho" persona told me to go for it.

And now a recount of the worst sex I've had in my entire life...
I think the time was 9:30 when I left my seat in front of my computer. Put on some make up and some mildly sexy clothes (I didn't try too hard, but I was in sweatpants and glasses when he called). Went outside, made sure to bring my pot. This was too weird not to be high for. Our conversation was stifled. He told me he had to pick up his mother the airport so we had to make this quick. Another big lie. We were supposed to have our big hotel fucking date the next day, but he said he wanted to see me tonight. It seemed more exciting than watching a movie. In the car, I couldn't help but laugh to fill the uncomfortable silences.
We drove to a nearby Motel 6. More class than taco bell in the backseat? And I didn't think it was possible! HE ACTUALLY ASKED ME TO PAY FOR HALF OF THE $40 ROOM! I LAUGHED AGAIN. I make tricks PAY HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO SPEND TIME IN A HIGH CLASS HOTEL ROOM WITH ME, WITHOUT EVEN FUCKING ME! WHAT am I doing with this loser? I would have run home from there but I was still determined to find out about the dick.