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12-07-01 cover/editorial for Asianweek

12-10-01 my afterthoughts to the cover/editorial for Asianweek

7-26-02 Postcard from the Floating World (Burningman editorial)

Fall 2002, no 18 BITCH magazine

Hyphen, premier issue cover and artist write-up

Bitches bitching in BITCH no 18 (Gennifer's response to BITCH culture)

Kobe Bryant to donate $2 million to Rape Trauma Services

LAP VICTORY! SF Weekly article on lap dance laws and decriminilization of prostitution (and I'm in it!)

Forever and ever and ever in my heart,

David Allen Perry

28 Sept 1975-10 Feb 2003





from "How to be a safe, sane and prosperous outcall stripper." performance and video, 2004. AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada.

helloooo, los angeles!

Well, it's official. The asianprincess has left the building! I've started grad school at UCLA and boy am I happy to be in the safe, warm bosom of college again! As far as gigging goes, well...

has taken up all my time. All I do is read and read and highlight and read some more. I LOVE IT.

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