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Welcome to the too much information section where I have been blogging for the last two years about being broke, finding a "real job," being a sex worker and hating it, being a sex worker and liking it again, being a teacher, trying to get into grad school, trying to fall in love, trying to get laid, trying to become famous and trying to change the world!

Want to know the inner mind of a real asianprincess?? Do you have a lot of extra time on your hands? Do you look at some of my artwork and wonder what the hell I must be thinking?

I started blogging around the beginning of the war last year . Scroll up and down the different entries and catch up on the last year and half of my life. I was living in a big styley loft in San Francisco, slipping away slowly from my stripper riches and starting the most difficult "transition" period of my life as I attempted to exit out of the sex industry. Read all about my strip club labor rights battles, my attempts to go to grad school, my travels to the midwest and my small stint as a car saleswoman. See pictures of my fat gut and see what happens when you think you're too sexy for exercise!

January 21 2003-April 5 2004

I am now going to start blogging on a dedicated blog server because now YOU the viewer can post your own comments to my insane thoughts!! Plus you can see other profile info and the latest books I've been reading (I know, you're going to cum). It's also just easier to input it this way AND I can do update it while I'm on the road..

It begins with my very recent "Pretty Woman" excursion to Miami Beach where I am flown across the country by a generous client and given a G-unit just for showing up!

May 18, 2004 and beyond...