I am NOT a real porn star (I only portray one in my performance art).


Allow me to recommend some other asianprincesses who have had various influences on my life and art.

Eventually, I will upload all of my editorial writing, which will include an unpublished interview

with Asia Carrera from 1997 and "Pimpin' Aint Easy," the following editorial piece which I wrote and did the photography for on

Annabelle Chong in 2001, published in FREE magazine (San Francisco).

Please note that I don't neccesarily agree with or condone every single thing these women say or do with their lives.

They were, however, some of my first inspirations and I still respect and admire the contributions they have made.

I offer them as a starting point for the ideas behind the 'politica di asianprincess'

Asia Carrera was my first Asian sex positive role model. I didn't even know it was possible to do sex work AND be intelligent AND Asian until I discovered her and her website back in my angry asian girl days in college when I thought asian porn stars were "bringing my people down"

Annabel Chong, and I became great friends when she was featuring at a club that I worked at. The first gang bang queen and subject of the auto-documentary that went to Sundance "The Annabel Chong story" took me under her wing and taught me everything I ever wanted and didn't want to know in the porn industry without the horror of being pentrated by Ed Powers or Ron Jeremy!

and last but not least check out Tiger Lily. She's not only half Japanese and half Chinese like me, her look and style is very similar to mine. She produces and directs her own videos and website stuff with a great sense of style and art direction. There are a couple of porn stars doing the "monogamous hard core" thing like her(not a category at your video store). This means they only do boy-girl scenes with their boyfriend/husbands. If I were a real porn star, it would probably look something like her.


alright then, kids, now that we've got that out of the way throw up your hands and say:

"Yes, asianprincess!!

I want to explode in brain orgasms over your fine art, writing, and performances!"


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