why should you join us?


cuz kero kero kero pi = sisterhoodz 4-ever that's why!!

life can be tough after graduation, we know!!

RUSH our sorority and you could be a kero kero kero pi TODAY!

The keros are committed to building a sisterhood that lasts 4-ever.

Now you will never again look for someone to

go with you to the bathroom

borrow cute outfits from for the ever popular annual winter "dress in all white party" or the spring "dress in all black" ball!

The kero sisterz are committed to SERVICE to the community as well. We make appearances at all the most popular philanthropic events ALL YEAR LONG!!

And in partnership with our big bros at the neighboring fraternity, we commit to ride on the back of their motorcycles to the mall or anywhere they want to go and in exchange they will WORK ON OUR CARS 4 LIFE!!

If this excites you, like it excites us then RUSH TODAY.

Come see our RUSH booth and spin the wheel of "fortune" (he he he).

L & F (love and friendship :)4 ever,

Genny Lee and Jenny Li,

FALL RUSH co-chairs 2003.