Q1: "What does your boyfriend think about what you do?" 

Q2:"If you have a degree from Berkeley why are you stripping?"

  LOVE, LUST and the asianprincess.

an autodocumentary film by Gennifer M. Hirano, asianprincess.

These are the questions that were asked of me at least once a day for the three years that I worked as an exotic dancer in an all nude lapdancing club . These are the same questions that ultimately led to my decision to walk away from a world I would be bored and disguisted with and complain about no more.

But the transition was not as easy as I had imagined... My "retirement" show at the Crazy Horse theatre in San Francisco would only be the last time I would dance in a stripclub. I would continue stripping for another 2 years to follow for a private booking agency and soon after for my own business.

Since 2000, I have been turning the camera on myself, documenting all my performances as the asianprincess character, as Gennifer, my real self and as Tyra, the self I present while working as an exotic dancer in the strip club industry. The documentary follows my attempt to transition out of the industry from my retirement show to my labor commission battles against my former strip club owners. I soliloquize on camera and reveal many unknown truths about the sex industry, my artwork, my real persona sans wig, my sexuality and my struggles.

It is my hope to create this piece as a politically engaging, feminist, artistic work about myself as a sex industry worker, a struggling artist, sexual assault survivor and asian american activist.

This is a story about a strong, determined Asian female, fighting soldier of the gender war, the war within and the struggle for a living wage in America.